Recent topics, stationary table

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Recent topics, stationary table

Post by AaronW on May 9th 2011, 9:01 pm

Most of the recent topic CSS I've seen makes a giant box that scrolls with 10 or so topics. I personally don't like that. I am looking for a stationary 'table' per say. that will be at the top of the forum (below the logo) that will simply list recent topics that have new posts but WILL NOT Scroll. And of course it'd have to match with my theme.

I'd link you to a site with exactly what I am looking for, but last time I did that no one responded to my topic even though it had 139 views and we got a bunch of new accounts on that site that were just junk, and I didn't appreciate that. So I guess if you ACTUALLY want to help or CAN help, I'll PM you the link.


EDIT: as an after thought, I DO NOT want to use the latest topics widget. That puts it on the side and it scrolls so that is not what I am looking for.


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