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Buttons or displayable menu

Post by tatiilange on May 30th 2011, 6:40 pm

Nature of the Creation: Widget Buttons (i want to make the buttons like some "quick, usefull links" that send you to the different categories)
Size (In Pixels): No more than 180 px wide and not to high.
With or Without Animation: I would love if you could ad a displayable menu when passing the mouse over the button.
Main Colors: Blues or semy transparent ones. Something that goes well with my forum
Pictures & Links: This is an Art site, take that in mind if you want to ad some pictures.
Text to Insert : There ill be buttons:
(Displayable Menu)
Submit Art (itll take you to: http://tatiiart.activoforo.com/f18-users-artwork )
ArtMasterpiece (itll take you to: http://tatiiart.activoforo.com/f91-of-the-month )
Point Comissions (itll take you to: http://tatiiart.activoforo.com/f31-users-comisions-shops )
Featured Art (itll take you to:http://tatiiart.activoforo.com/t204-featured-art )
--Horse Art RPG
Registered Horses ( http://tatiiart.activoforo.com/t580-suscribed-horses )
Registered Stables ( http://tatiiart.activoforo.com/t583-registered-stables#4037 )
Shop ( http://tatiiart.activoforo.com/t572-stable-shops )
Current Shows and Competitions ( http://tatiiart.activoforo.com/f117-competition )

Font (Provide Download Link): Not any special one, just something that looks good C:
Font Color: You choose, it depends on your design
Link to My Forumotion Forum: http://tatiiart.activoforo.com
Extra Comments: I know this is a lot of work and it might be very difficult, but im too bad for this and cant make it by my own. I dont have much to offer, just if you have a DA account i can make you a feature or a free comission, or a TatiiArt accout i could give you lots of points.
Thank you so so much! and Good Luck!!

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