PhpBB2 Glitch!! Help? (Also question on PhpBB3?)

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PhpBB2 Glitch!! Help? (Also question on PhpBB3?)

Post by globot on June 2nd 2011, 2:52 pm

I was just playing around with PhpBB3 and updated it to that. The members didn't like it and complained it was too wide. They like narrower forums (70-80%). I couldn't fix the width of PhpBB3 so I went back to PhpBB2. Then our forum looked so weird and glitched up!

It was all blue, looked NOTHING like our PhpBB2 layout, and was all panned to the left?? I restored our previous layout we had in May. Then I edited it to our June Edition layout, it looked great! Then, the next day I come back and AGAIN, it looks like the pictures above. I do need help!


Also, I have a forum where the Admins and GAs can test layouts at.

I love the style of PhpBB3, however, out forum,, will only allow it to be about 90% wide (which our users dislike). On, I edited the width to 70% and it worked fine and looked nice! Though, why won't it do this on

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Re: PhpBB2 Glitch!! Help? (Also question on PhpBB3?)

Post by Nera. on June 2nd 2011, 7:11 pm


Take a look at this if helps in any way

For the width of your forum, do you want to change your width for the phpBB2 or phpBB3 version?

Where were you trying to change width?
You can try to do it from CSS.
For phpBB2
.bodylinewidth {
    width: XY%;

For phpBB3
#wrap {
    width: XY%;
Don't add it if you already have it set. Find it in CSS and change the number.

This is how your theme looks for me now. I don't see the bug with the scroller.

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