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Post by dntesinfrno on Sun Jun 05 2011, 01:36

I changed the domain of my forum as well as the description however the title that displays at the top of the tab is still what it used to be. How can i change this, or is just a waiting game? The text on the actual page are updated so i'm thinking its a coding issue. Looking through the header code i see where it uses variables for the header text, but i was unable to find where to modify this. Any ideas?

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Re: Header Title

Post by TR1 on Sun Jun 05 2011, 08:16

ACP > General > Forum > Configuration

Make sure the Site name is set to what you want it. Also check the following:

ACP > General > Forum promotion > Search Engines

Then set the Homepage title to that of what you want it. I think those will change it.


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