A simple question regarding the matter of copy/infringement....

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A simple question regarding the matter of copy/infringement....

Post by blackstrawberry on June 8th 2011, 3:02 am

Well, I am pretty much new with monitoring a forum of my own. So, I guess I would need a help from here and there and hope that things will work out for me. Well, here's my story. While I was setting up basic stuff for my forum, I had a thought...."OMG....What if some guy comes strolling down to my forum with the intent to rip me off of all the things that I've 'established' so far for my forum?"

Though it may not be the most ideal bag of ideas.....I was wondering if I am allowed and will be granted a right to report someone who's basically out to copy my ideas from the forum which I own.

The type of a forum in which I will be managing will be a role-play kind. So, if someone does decide to impose the said actions over my forum, it'd be pretty much a waste of both my effort and time to squeeze out winning prizes such as stats for in-rp characters and tier system. A huge impact, actually. As a result, I will be an ant, who's breaking his back all day to get some work done, where as copiers would be butterflies, who are out to suck all the juices out of my hive......

I am not saying that we should all be the nit-pickers and go on to claim the found gold to be ours. I think, however, if the thing does become too obvious that the person has ripped me off of my ideas, then shouldn't the rule turn in a way so that common sense would be applied to a certain point for a few of us to claim what's rightfully ours?

The reason why I am putting up such questions here is because I had heard from one of my helpers that I am not allowed to report someone who's stealing an idea or a rule that's text-based from an owned forum here at forumotion. I need a clarification as well as an advice from the staff members. As I've said before, I am new guy working in a forum's management field......So, I'd rather get a few cuts on my arms than to walk on thorny road during my career as an admin of a site.....Sorry, if I exaggerated too much, but I really need to know. Thanks for taking your time to read and answer my selfish needs. -Berry-

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Re: A simple question regarding the matter of copy/infringement....

Post by Sanket on June 8th 2011, 6:22 am


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