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How TO Create Password Forum

Post by winata wendy on June 12th 2011, 8:51 am

I See How to make password

and I see post like this:

 <script language="JavaScript">

<! -

Plana function () {

var password = "Marc"

var pass = prompt ("Enter in the password", "")

if (pass.toLowerCase () == password) {

window.location = "";


else {

window.location = "Typlo";




</ script>

Just replace the text 'Marc' with your own password and replace '' with the hidden web page's domain name.

Replace 'Typlo' with the link That would be Used to display another web page if someone ENTERED an incorrect password.

If you do not follow my steps above, you Might see a Page Not Found or be redirected to the homepage of your forum.

Once you've added my script in the head tags of your web page, insert this into your body tags of your web page:

 <a href="#" onClick="PlanA(); return false"> Click Here To Enter Password </ a>

If I am Allowed to know Where do I put a script on top of that I am confused

I Is Starter

Please answer you

:wouhou: :wouhou: :wouhou:

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Re: How TO Create Password Forum

Post by Sanket on June 12th 2011, 11:13 am


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