WYSIWYG for Safari??

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Should the WYSIWYG editor be available for Safari users?

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WYSIWYG for Safari??

Post by karkooshy on June 15th 2011, 5:24 pm

From what I've seen, there's a new WYSIWYG editor.
Now, this was a problem with the last editor as well (along with the one in the ACP where you click on the little green 'html' button).
The editor does not work for safari.
In I.E9's case, I can ask my members to change to another browser since IE9 is not only not compatble with some of my sites' content, but it also lacks by today's modern standards.
Safari is a pretty fast, compatible, and responsive web browser, so there really isn't any reason to ask members to change their browser (espiecally users on a Mac since Safari is native and is pretty quick on the platform).
Don't see how platforms can affect this, but I'm using Safari on mac, so if the editor works with the windows version, then sorry xP

I know it's not from my end because I also have Opera and FF installed and the editor works fine with both.

Don't be a meanie and chose Yes Mr. Green
There are loads of Safari users out there xP

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Re: WYSIWYG for Safari??

Post by Guest on June 15th 2011, 7:58 pm

There actually aren't that many Safari users out there, but that's a different topic. The problem with the current editor is a bug in the Webkit rendering engine, and that's why Chrome users have the same problem. I believe the new editor based on CKEditor does not have this problem. It has a lot of other problems, though...

I also question why you are asking IE9 users to change to another browser. A lot of them can't...they're using their parent's computer, they're accessing your site from a library or their school, etc. Seems to me that the better solution is for you to change your site's content so it displays properly with IE9. It's not that hard...use Firefox for development to avoid all the Webkit positioning bugs, and be careful with a couple CSS3 properties. Use this as a guideline:


I didn't vote because eToxic will never, at this point, fix this problem. Their priority is the new editor, not the old one.


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Re: WYSIWYG for Safari??

Post by Jophy on January 16th 2014, 1:28 pm

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