View but not read topics....

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View but not read topics....

Post by Nenny on June 15th 2011, 6:07 pm

Hi folks,

Is there a setting within the administration which allows users to view a specific topic within a forum but not be able to read the content within the topic...

Eg.. I want to promote discounts available to subscribed members, and show non subscribed members, what the discounts are, but not the content within the topic which gives them access to contact the merchant with the relevant code to get the discount if you get my meaning..

so I want to use it as a 'carrot dangler' to show them whats available but without them actually gaining the info before subscribing.

If you could offer some help, that would be great!

Many thanks

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Re: View but not read topics....

Post by Mehtevas on June 15th 2011, 6:24 pm

So you want them to be able to read the topic headline?
Like for this topic 'View but not read topics....' but you don't want them to be able to read the posts inside the topic?
That is not possible.

I suggest making a category viewable by guests and posting all the discounts in the forum and allow them to "view and read" that forum only, block everything else.


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Re: View but not read topics....

Post by Guest on June 15th 2011, 7:22 pm

It can be done with some thinking outside the box.

First, you'll need to put those topics in a forum that is accessible only to members. Then create a new forum that is accessible to everyone.

Now go to the forum with the topics, and use the moderator control panel to move the topics to the new forum, making sure you DO NOT leave a shadow topic in the forum. Then go to ACP>General and re-synchronize your forum.

Here's the trick! Go to the new forum, and use the moderator control panel to move the topics back to their original forum, this time making sure you DO leave a shadow topic.

What you'll now have is a new forum readable by everyone that only contains the shadow topics. Guests clicking on the links will see nothing, and members will be re-directed to the proper topic. Members can also go to the forum where the topics actually reside.

Hope this helps!


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