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Post by sky rs on June 16th 2011, 5:57 pm

hey.. i coudent find the plase to post this or in a help section..

so i posted it here...

i need help with: how can i make 2 avatars..

1 i have my avatar like a crown i have downloaded it and i also want another avatar like this:[img][/img]

so.. how can i have boght..

also have another question: how can i make avatars to players that comming to my forums.. like newbies
how can i create avatars to them.

and when they get like 20 posts that it will poop up e new avatar automatickly.

third question: how can i get a signature... i have tryd all forms for type of problems.. i have allowed 2 things.
dont remmeber wath it was.. but someone have made a theard earlyer and i have doon wath he seed.

and steel it will not go.. it dosent come up.

i want my answeres is PMs. or here.. thats up to you.. but sorry for my bad english im from norway.. and thats not a englis speaking contry Very Happy

anyway thanks for all does that helps.

sky rs

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