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Gateway to Role-Play

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Gateway to Role-Play - Page 2 Empty Gateway to Role-Play

Post by Guest June 15th 2011, 11:35 pm

First topic message reminder :

Gateway to Role-Play - Page 2 Esf_pr10
Last Update: 12/26/2015

Forum Title:
Gateway to Role-Play

Choice of Category: 
Games and RPG


Forum's Purpose: 
The purpose of Gateway to Role-Play is to provide a friendly, organized atmosphere where members can role-play in various genres, chat openly about various topics, post visual art and literature and receive feedback, and simply have a good time.

Leah7, HikariKuragari, Ange Tuteur

Venom, Luna

Graphic Designers:
Skull Miester, RadioTanuki

Gateway to Role-Play Basics - This category is contains the rules and role-play guidelines, an area where guests may ask questions about the site, a place for suggestions and feedback, and forum announcements.  Additionally, there is  now a directory that displays all current role-plays and their registration status.

Earth Realm - This category contains an area for forum introductions, art and literature, random topic discussions, such as music, video games, anime, and others, and game threads that help members get to know each other.

Private Role-Playing
- You can do one-on-one or closed role-plays in this category if you choose to have fewer people in your role-play than a group role-play would have.  It consists of a section for role-playing grounds, role-play discussions, and role-play registration as a means to keep up with character information.

Role-play Realms
- This category includes a place where you can post original worlds and characters that you have created to show to other members and to keep on file to be added into role-plays at any time, as well as the role-playing grounds, where many different genres are welcome to be started or participated in.  All past role-plays are archived for public view and no character or role-play information is lost.


Our users have posted a total of 101,706 messages
We have 87 registered users
The newest registered user is SarkZKalie

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Gateway to Role-Play - Page 2 Empty Re: Gateway to Role-Play

Post by Guest December 8th 2015, 10:08 am

Woo! We have new members, new role-plays, a thread for helping people get started, and of course--decorations for Christmas, which were made by @RadioTanuki!

Gateway to Role-Play - Page 2 2uyskz9

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Gateway to Role-Play - Page 2 Empty Re: Gateway to Role-Play

Post by Guest December 27th 2015, 4:15 am

We do not currently have any new role-plays, but we do have a current RP widget that links to all of the information you need to know about our current active role-plays! We also have a thread that helps you get started on GtR, which is linked in our announcements table! ^^

Our Theme for the year 2016 has been Updated:
Gateway to Role-Play - Page 2 Img_2610

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Gateway to Role-Play - Page 2 Empty Re: Gateway to Role-Play

Post by Guest December 28th 2015, 6:18 pm

Other than our new theme and widget, there's a few things I forgot to mention:

---Sub-Forums now linked in the main index.
---Designers Group Added
---Neutral Gender Option Added

All of our theme transfer bugs have now been fixed and everything is running smoothly. Don't forget that you can also start your own role-play on GtR--not just join them!

Click here to get started on GtR after you register!

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