Members "Topic Titles" colouring

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Members "Topic Titles" colouring

Post by CruizingComet on June 21st 2011, 7:30 pm

I know in the Admin panel we can disable topic titles from being coloured, but if we enable this feature neither Admin or Mods can colourize topic titles either!

We have members who for some reason insist on picking topic titles out in colours despite our forum rules stating only Admin or Mods are able to colour titles in order to show importance of posts.

We were therefore wondering if there is anyway to allow Admin & Mods (or just Admin) to be able to use this feature, but disallow members to use the feature as it's starting to become rather time consuming keep correcting this Confused



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Re: Members "Topic Titles" colouring

Post by Sanket on June 22nd 2011, 5:18 am

Nopes, not possible.

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