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Post by KrussH on June 30th 2011, 3:29 pm

Hello Everyone!

As you might have noticed that we are currently lacking reviewers that are in charged of doing requests and moderating the review section, and we decided to look for new reviewers that will help us in handling requests and moderating the section,

To inform you, that this time, the type of hiring a new reviewer is not by sending applications, but by doing requests on the section voluntarily/on your own will, We'll observe some members who are really dedicated and worth for the job. This hiring process will take weeks or possibly even months so we can observe well who to hire next.

Requirements for joining the 'Review Team'

Must not be a returning banned member

Must not have any warnings/infractions on this forum

Must be a aware of the General Rules & the Review Section Rules

Must be atleast 3 months old member on this forum

Must be active on this forum especially on the review section

There's no need to send for applications, simply do requests to be noticed for the position, remember that this may take a few week or months, so I advice you to complete requests whenever you get freetime, the more requests you do, the higher the chances you get in to the spot. Meanwhile, I still suggest you to use the normal template used for reviewing found here so we can have a better look of your reviews.

Remember that if you want to take part of this hiring event, please keep in mind that you're not yet an official reviewer therefore you are not allowed to back-seat moderate or to correct someone's work, you are also not allowed to use the official template we use for reviewing including the stamp signs/grades, also, please avoid tagging/taking requests that are already taken by another member, Please pm me or Rideem3 if you encounter this situation with a member.

Criteria(s) to be judged on your reviews:
This can be your guide on what criteria(s) are we going to judge on your reviews so you can have an idea on what we're looking at to be an official reviewer.

how good, helpful & informative are your reviews

how original & unique you present your reviews

how accurate you are when it comes to seeing the weak & good points of a forum

how fast you do/complete reviews

Tips & Reminders:
We'll also observe your behavior on this forum specially on the review section, this includes on how polite you are with your co-members and also with the staff members, how active you are on this forum especially on the review section(specially on taking requests), also on how aware you are with the general and review section rules(it'll be hard for us to hire you if you'll be doing requests that doesn't follow the rules and if you yourself won't follow them -> example is double posting unless separated by 72 hours on the section). So I highly suggest you to analyze/memorize the Review Section Rules

Last Reminders/Notes!:
We'll be looking for new reviewers starting now! After we have decided who to hire, we'll be contacting that member Wink So if you have any questions about this hiring process, Please contact me. Wink

Good luck!
Review Team

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Re: ccdzzzzz

Post by Mike on June 30th 2011, 4:26 pm

Garbaged and Warned for Spamming.

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