[Ask] how to moving down the icon??

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[Ask] how to moving down the icon??

Post by Adhik on July 1st 2011, 12:17 am

Hi , . . im sory for my bad english Sad
but i have some problems here . . and i hope there's someone here can help me
. .
i have followed the tutorial "how to add an icon before username" by Mr Rideem3 ,
and it works . .:wouhou:
but my question is . .what code should i put in css stylesheet to make my icon moved down . .for the complete explanation . .please see the picture


this is the code originally made by Mr Rideem3 from his tutorial
.name strong a[href="/u#"]{
padding-left: 13px;
background: url(imagedirectlink) no-repeat left;}

and this is the code i put before in my CSS sheet

.postdetails a[href="/u5"]{
padding-left: 13px;
background: url("image") no-repeat left;}

thank's before . .

regards salut

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Re: [Ask] how to moving down the icon??

Post by LGforum on July 1st 2011, 1:00 am

Hi, that tutorial is for putting an icon NEXT to your username, so if you want it down there then that isn't the best tutorial to go for.

What i would suggest is going into Users and Groups tab, and looking at the profile section.
You can make new profile fields here. You should make a new one which contains your small green image, and then choose for it to be included on messages.
This means that this new profile field will be included in that small bit next to a message. You can then move it to the bottom.

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