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baubles like it was their job! The obvious reason would be because you can purchase pretty much xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx the exact same pieces that Tiffany's features, with the exact same design, for approximately 1/16th the price of Tiffany Co. jewelry. However, when scoping out these designer xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx duds, it is important to look for some xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx very important things. Read on to learn how to seek out the best places to purchase Tiffany Inspired accessories on the web... The first thing you should consider before purchasing is the source.
Obviouslyxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx] there are many reliable online stores out there now that feature Tiffany Style accessories-- Mademoiselle Jewelry, Eves Addiction, and Emitations, to name a few. As long as the website offers several forms of payment, and also has a valid SSL certificate, you can feel secure with your transaction. The second thing to keep an eye out for isxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxthe type of material that the item is made of. All silver jewelry should be made of .925 sterling silver, which is the highest quality silver available.
This technically stands for the amount of silver that the piece xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx is made of -- 92.5% fine silver, mixed with approximately 7.5% copper or other metal. The reason being that fine silver is too soft to comprise 100% of the piece. It needs a strong metal, such as copper, to help the jewelry keep its shape. Rhodium-plating is also another extremely important factor to consider when weeding out Tiffany Style Jewelry.


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