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In progress Forum post changes

Post by yjosephh on 21/7/2011, 17:31



Forum number one is the forum I'm working on right now, and forum number 2 is a forum I used to host. I want to transform my current forum into my previous forum so that they look alike, but it proves to be a biit difficult. Maybe it's the difference in versions, the first one being phpbb2 and the second one being phpbb3. But hopefully there are ways to make my current forum similar to my previous one.

So there are three main things I want to change from my current forum. The three red underlined or boxed in the first picture are the things that I want to change. If there are solutions to these, please provide me with any CSS or other ways of solving these problems! Thank you very much!

1. One dot.

Is there a way to make this bigger? The name of the poster, is there a way to make its font larger than the regular text in the screen?

2. Two dots

Originally, there's nothing where the red lines' at. But is there a way to input a line or something of the sort in order to separate the top heading and the text? It seems kind of unorganized when there is nothing in between.

3. Three dots

Is there possibly a way to move those icons in the footer of the post into where the profile info is? It worked like that in my last forum, but I forgot how to do it. I'd rather have those icons underneath my info rather than in the bottom of every post.


As you can see from the picture, the main text actually seems like the same size in every bit of text in the screen, which seems a bit confusing. Is there a way to make the main text font size higher by default like in my PREVIOUS forum? I didn't have to increase the font of the text through editing but it was like that by default. I'm sure I did something to make it like that but I forgot how. Please enlighten me!

I think that's all the help I need for now! Thanks for the help!


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In progress Re: Forum post changes

Post by Base on 21/7/2011, 17:37


For the name size change, please add this to your CSS code:

.name {
    font-size: 14px;

You are able to change the 14px to a different font size number if you wish. Wink

For the separator, you could add this to your CSS code:

.postbody {
    border-top: 1px solid #000000;

Again, you are able to change the #000000 to a different colour if you wish. Wink

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