Re-naming navigation buttons?

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Re-naming navigation buttons?

Post by Dementous on July 22nd 2011, 8:43 am

I'm working on a new site and I've just created a portal that is now my homepage. The thing I dislike (it's like that here too) is that the "Home" navigation button re-directs you to the forum ( and the "Portal" navigation button re-directs you to the actual portal I've created. I want to re-name the button "Home" to "Forum" but keep the link ( and rename "Portal" as "Home".

I'm currently under: Admin Control Panel> General> Headers & Navigation> Modify.

It shows the appropriate options,Text and redirection URL, including other options. But, I am unable to edit the boxes. The only thing it allows me to change is the picture.

Here is an image of what I'm looking at:

I hope someone could help. This is really bothering me.

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Re: Re-naming navigation buttons?

Post by Diana on July 28th 2011, 6:52 pm

a[href="/forum"] {display: none;}
a[href="/"] {display: none;}
Put these in css (first hides home, second the portal)

Now go and create new custom nav bar links. Home - redirect to portal, Forum - redirect to index page
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