User Name Real Banning

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User Name Real Banning

Post by kevin 1337 on July 24th 2011, 12:39 am

You Guys Should Make A Selection By Username Banning Called What Ever.
But It Only Allows Words Numbers Spaces Under Scores Or Dashes In A User name.

`i dont wan my members have +@^$% as there NAME!
Also you should make it where we click on it a box comes up you can cLick That Says
Do You Want To Block: ^#$$ As User Names You Click Ya They Cant Have It In There
Do You Want To Block: Spaces In Usernames You Click Ya They Cant Have Spaces
Do You Want To Black: _ or - In User Names Such And Such i have user name like i <3 %^##&#&* its stupid so can we get this along with my warning system? and group members can change there name colors to what ever they want so they all dont half to have same name color???

these 3 would be in top 5 be add ons to site.


kevin 1337

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Re: User Name Real Banning

Post by coco moco on July 24th 2011, 2:46 am

I really don't understand most of what you've written, however, people using random characters as a username are either shy or spam. The shy ones aren't a problem when they get to be part of the community, the spam gets banned, for well, spam. Furthermore, as a user of weird names, I'm not offended if people get it wrong or simplify. By banning people's expression you are missing out on a lot. Aside from the anonymity, some like to express themselves in creative ways, and if they add to the forum, then why persecute them?

I'm sorry but this is a bad idea.
coco moco

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Re: User Name Real Banning

Post by Caihlem on July 24th 2011, 11:57 pm

We Are Not In Germany, Nor Are We Speaking German... SO STOP THE BLOODY CAPS in first character. It's hard to read and bloody annoying!

I really don't see the issue with "K@$" instead of "Kas" as Username, or Sasuke83, because some names just happen to be overly popular. That's the member's problem, not the Admin's
=> Vote No

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Re: User Name Real Banning

Post by LH Justin on July 25th 2011, 3:26 am

First off, your grammar is horrid. And as Caihlem said, this is English, where every word doesn't start with a capital letter.

As for the suggestion, I don't see the point. I hate sites that don't allow spaces or special characters. My name across the Internet is LH-Justin, LHJustin, LH_Justin, and so on because of these types of things. All you're suggestion is is an annoyance to the users. Voted no.

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LH Justin

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Re: User Name Real Banning

Post by TruthSayer on July 25th 2011, 3:39 am

Vote= no

I agree with LH Justin and Ciahlem. Apparently, my user name is a relatively popular one, and I hate it when I'm forced to make revisions on my name a run-on. Example: atruthsayer; arianatruthsayer, instead of a_truthsayer, or ariana_truthsayer. It's just annoying. Thumb down

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Re: User Name Real Banning

Post by Jophy on January 16th 2014, 1:24 pm

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