HELP Unable to Access C Panel HELP

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HELP Unable to Access C Panel HELP

Post by DaN-PwN on August 12th 2011, 8:45 am

I've created a forum last year around this time with a few other friends. However the one who registered the email is no longer with us. Since then we've just been using the admin privileges and it's been fine.
It gets a bit trickier though, before the registered email guy left we had changed the admin password and when he left neither him nor we remembered what it was hence why we've been living off the admin powers alone.
Now our guy that usually took care of the c panel has left as well and transferred the powers to the next guy. This last one seems to have removed the powers from himself and everyone else, and gave mod powers to a few randoms. Now we have no c panel and no admin.

We've already tried to get in touch with the founder/registered email owner and await his response but I doubt he can help, when we tried to reset the pw with the admin user name and his email adress the following message appeared
"The security 'Disallow admin to send new password' is active in Admin Panel > General Admin > Security"
Who can I get in touch with or what steps should I take, please help.

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