Typlo: Forumotion Stalker Still An Issue-TWO sites stolen/deleted

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Typlo: Forumotion Stalker Still An Issue-TWO sites stolen/deleted

Post by Allegra on August 13th 2011, 9:48 am

Forumotion Stalker Deleted TWO of my newer Catholic Websites (Still In Progress):
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S'ok: Again with the stalking/harassment.... Now, earlier yesterday morning, I go online to update some info and find that now,
TWO of my more recently registered Catholic domains were deleted without my permission. Please note a pre-existing stalking issue that you were informed of as now it appears that they were deleted from the Forumotion server. Please note also, there are numerous police rports on previous site-tampering issues i.e., in December of 2007 a person using the logon SangWoo applied for an unpaid non-assistant-non-professional-internal position for general men’s forum issues assistance, however this individual demonstrated violent-stalking behaviors which led to a series of police reports (by January 2008) and changes in passwords, however research indicated he was friendly with a number of individuals at Forumotion.com. And since then my boards have all been tampered with (plagiarism is a stalking related felony) and as this is also related to other plagiarism and an on-going rape battery issue I would require further assistance from Forumotion.com staff to monitor the boards that have reported dangerous security issues as I have in the past and am now doing again as I had to go through the process of re-registering one board and will do so for the other when the basic template is up for this one.

Also of issue content from my primary (Catholic) medical site is periodically moved without my permission, as it relates to health and wellness it does indicate the intent to mis-disseminate medical information as well as th e general stalking offense it is felony reckless endangerment with intent on top of stalking and violation of proprietary rights laws…

These sites are very serious in nature so it is inappropriate to say the least as the bulk of the incidents have been traced to Forumotion. Please pursue this matter very seriously.

Please see my medical site @ http://www.onlinecliniqueforum.forumotion.com

Please see my other site in progress to benefit rape crisis-prevention@ http://www.jfoundation.goodearths.com

Also with regard to the other developing sites (in progress) please note the repeated attemptes to insert inappropriate banner ads, when I specifically requested that all ads be limited to high-gothic/Shakespearian Literature or Clinique beauty products for porcelain fair/chalk-or-milk skin. High Fashion only: Armani, Calvin K. , Oleg Cassini, Ralph Lauren, Ann Taylor And the top 3 Ivory-League universities only (U-Illinois; Yale; Harvard; for example); And also cancer-support-fund-ads??? Any of which would still have been appropriate, btw...

And there used to be an opt out feature for removing ads, but that has changed, however I was told in conversation that they will customize the ads based on your site….? My sites target medical spa support services and catholic living in general, now Why is there a gay website banner for the ghetto nitelife of Cleveland Positive (is this about HIV-Aids--? Because I am not counseling any patients currently and would never allow anything with suggestive or overly sexualized-ethnic-rancor on my sites at all) on my main-non-profit site of all things—very confusing? I don’t actually know any ethnic folks of the Gay/homosexual/fornication persuasion…. Obviously there is a security issue within your ranks, please do something about this. The sites that were deleted are still on my favorite pages button, however which clearly made it obvious as to how this was done.

Also of note: The content that goes into building a site is very time consuming, So, I expect your assistants to undertake this as quite serious. and there is/are no limitations on criminal liability on stalking-abduction-rape cases. Your records will show that I just-re-registered a site today, although I must now, re-work everything from scratch, luckily, as I was in the process of re-structuring I had planned to make changes in direction of some of the sites still in progress, but without removing the site from the server.

Thank you again,
(Jane @:JFoundation.Goodearths.com & OnlineCliniqueforum.Forumotion.com)
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Re: Typlo: Forumotion Stalker Still An Issue-TWO sites stolen/deleted

Post by Darren1 on August 13th 2011, 1:08 pm


As there are some serious legal actions that are applicable in this case, and this seems like a serious case of internal actions, can you please PM MrMario, who can forward this to The Godfatehr who will be able to resolve the matter, as he's our Lesion to the company, as Typlo has now departed from the team, and is no-longer within the company.

If you wish to restore a previous forum, as opposed to re-creating it, you can login at the utilities and restore it to a date, that you wish.
=> https://www.forumotion.com/en/utils/

I'm sorry but this is all that I personally can assist you with.

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