Forum Appearance Will Not Change

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Forum Appearance Will Not Change

Post by JEL52895 on August 16th 2011, 8:25 pm

I began giving my forum a makeover yesterday. I was continuing doing so today. After changing a color, I saved it so I could go take a look, but my forum looked like it had before I started a makeover. I can change the logo picture, it stayed as it was during the makeover. But nothing else will change. All the fields show what I want in them, but the forum itself is different. The background is the old background, not the one that is saved and shown in the field. I restored the forum to a previous backup, but it still will not change in appearance. It also shows it is 850 in width. I know for a fact it is 750 in width, just like before. Any ideas?

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Re: Forum Appearance Will Not Change

Post by Russel on August 17th 2011, 12:50 am


There is a CSS template editing whereas you could edit its color and function of your forum. Here are the List of Tricks & Tips in learning CSS under the Design of your forum.

Make it sure the restoration of your forum does successfully done and make is Design back up.

To resize your forum:
1. Administration Panel
2. General
3. Forum > Configuration
4. Under 'Pages structure' change its Forum width
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