Trying to make avatar community

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Trying to make avatar community

Post by Vipaka on August 23rd 2011, 2:20 pm

Up front, I am not a programmer, I'm a sprite artist. I've tried to understand the technical aspects of all these problems, but please dumb down any technical explanations as much as possible. I'm trying to make a customizable avatar community(I know, big project).

I've tried researching the Dynamic avatar mod(unfinished), the Living/Live avatar mod(not what I'm looking for), and the NulAvatar mod(can't find a working copy) in combination with the Ultimate points and shop mods, and none of these seem to be working well enough to use in combination with a live forum. So now I'm trying to use a separate fully-functional dollmaker script in combination with the forum's own css and html scripts. I've been trying to use forumotion's HTML widget in the navigation bar to link back to a separate dollmaker application script( because I am using a mac and thusly cannot use SMF to solve this compatibility problem.

However I've encountered several problems that I could use some assistance with. Firstly, the html code I entered into the HTML page for the navigation bar was a link to a photobucket image file(just to test to make sure I could put an image up on the nav bar that wasn't *just* an image, but a link). That image file is not appearing, although the corresponding link is functional. If I change the actual image section of the navigation tab to the link of the image, it won't be customizable, whereas with the HTML code I could set up the HTML page to change the image depending on the output from the dollmaker script.

Second, I uploaded all of the javascript files I could find from the dollmaker script on the admin panel, but I can't seem to figure out how to get them to work properly. I suspect I need to be using a separate SQL database for the items, or custom PHP to get these scripts working.

Finally, assuming that I can somehow solve the other two problems, there is still the issue of distributing those avatars amongst the users in the forums. I have no way of linking the HTML widget(were it being utilized) to the avatar gallery that the admin panel has set up as an unchangable default. Compounding this, there is no way to add any shop scripts, or alter the points script to contribute to them.

Any help would be appreciated...and if I'm working completely in the wrong direction trying to get forumtion and custom avatars to work together please feel free to tell me what I should be doing(and where) to get this working...

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