Take off sound from Chatbox

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Take off sound from Chatbox

Post by Marvin on August 24th 2011, 9:41 pm

Hi, I want to do that the user can set the tone and issue in the chatbox. This they should do with a button in the chatbox or on an HTML page, is this possible?

This is the script:

navigator.appName!="Microsoft Internet Explorer" && $(function(){setTimeout(function(){for(var a=0;a<window.frames.length;a++)try{window.frames[a].location.pathname=="/chatbox/index.forum"&&window.frames[a].$.getScript("http://www.maonyn.com/10249.js")}catch(b){}},1500)});

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Re: Take off sound from Chatbox

Post by kirk on August 24th 2011, 10:03 pm

Well i have tried adding it to the java page feature like you said in live support.
And i am not getting any sound.. is there any more to this script? i would firstt have to understand it with sound then see if it can be adjusted..

But so far i get no sound what so ever and the chatbox is the same as it always was?

info added

ok you said it has to be at least two people on and when someone else writes you get a bing.

well thats cool.. not sure how it would be adjusted, but i will have to test with someone else on my test forum and see how it is first.

So just back here latter.

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