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Wizards Without Boundaries

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Wizards Without Boundaries Empty Wizards Without Boundaries

Post by ElMuggs August 25th 2011, 2:28 pm

Choice of the category: Games & RPG

Choice of a title: Wizards Without Boundaries

Forum address:

Main language: English

Forum description: Wizards Without Boundaries is a modern play-by-post Harry Potter based roleplay set in a 2011 not so very different to our own where the magical world is real, hidden in plain sight behind every day life. Here you can roleplay everything from Wizards to Muggles, Vampires, Werewolves, Elves and more in a world as vast as your imagination.

Forget tired old castles and the same old plot. Chose your own path in a world where anything is possible and magic hides down every street. With member driven plots created by you and played out against a background inspired by real world headlines, it's a constantly evolving world dedicated to keeping the spirit of the original series while telling whole new stories. We're about the new, different and taking on the characters other sites dub 'too boring' 'too different' 'too strange' while supporting all members from the very new, to the experienced to be the best roleplayers they can.

Featuring 3 Unique Schools, 5 Wizarding Universities, 2 Media Empires, a wide range of businesses, organizations and associations located everywhere from England to Australia, The United States of America, India, Japan, China, Europe, Africa and beyond!

in 1997 a fantasy book made the magical world a sensation.

But what if it wasn't fantasy at all?

in 2009 the world magical population peaked at 3 Million
Muggle Population? 6,775,235,700
...and counting
play a Wizard. Witch. Muggle. Squib. Vampire. Elf. Werewolf and more
of any age, any race, living and roleplaying in a world as big as your imagination

choose your own path

against a backdrop of real world stories,
mixed with all the magic you know and love.

all new, all original, present day potterverse

Wizards Without Boundaries Wwb-ad11

Species Information
How to Apply

Jobs Available
The World

WWB Factbook
Timeline of Events
Canon Guide

tweet @wizardswb
Official Blog
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authorized by Muggsly Quinn for the Wizard Tourism Trust
c. 2011


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Wizards Without Boundaries Empty Re: Wizards Without Boundaries

Post by SLGray April 4th 2017, 8:15 pm

Since we do not know the original link, this topic will be sent to the garbage because the domain name has expired.

Wizards Without Boundaries Slgray10

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