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MediaSlice Forums - Official Forums of the MediaSlice Blog (Over 10,000 posts and counting!)

Post by fantasylife on August 26th 2011, 7:24 pm

MediaSlice Forums - Official Forums of the MediaSlice Blog

Choice of the category: Art, Culture and Leisures, Fictions

Choice of a title: MediaSlice

Forum address:

Main language: English

Forum description: MediaSlice has forums on every type of Media. We delve into books, movies, games, and music. There is huge, in depth book discussion to get involved with Members can submit stories, articles, reviews and artwork. They are the Official forums of the MediaSlice blog, a blog dedicated to provide high quality, unbiased reviews.

For a forum to be interesting, members are needed. MediaSlice currently has 97 members, but to be honest only about 20 of these are active members with more than 100 posts. I guess this is why no one else seems to be joining at the moment. But here are some reasons to join us at MediaSlice:

1. An enormous amount of work has been put in to this forum (I mean hundreds and hundreds of hours!)
2. We've been running it for three years, therefore we are experienced. We have no intention of giving up on it!
3. None of our members are unsatisfied with the site (granted, there are only 97!)
4. We aren’t easily annoyed, and haven’t had to ban a member yet.
5. About fifteen of us have managed to create over four hundred topics (which we need more people to comment on!)
6. The layout is extremely easy to follow, and there is an informative forum tutorial.
7. There are a good few moderator positions that need filling (sorry, I hope that isn’t spamming)
8. Members can post reviews to possibly be featured in the MediaSlice blog.

On the rules side, we're quite layed back. But not in a bad way. We tolerate short posts, because some people like short posts, and only have time for short posts.

There are forums on every type of Media. We delve into books, movies, games, and music.

We're just a couple of normal people trying to make a space for people to have fun and discuss the stuff that matters to them. So if something on MediaSlice matters to you, then please join.

I’ll put it this way: At least visit the site to see what you think. Search the forums to see how much stuff on it you’d want to discuss. If you don’t see anything, don’t join. But please leave a comment on this topic concerning how we could improve the board, etc.

Concerning the MediaSlice Blog:

There’ll also be a massive opportunity for members to participate in the blog. The media reviews section of the forum will remain open for member to submit material. If your review is good enough, it will be featured on MediaSlice. If it isn’t good enough, don’t worry, because our moderators will critique your work, and you can edit it and re-submit.

MediaSlice is set to become an invaluable source of unbiased, enlightening and informative reviews and articles on all types of media. It’s gonna become one of those sites you always open on a tab when you open up your browser. Somewhere down the line, you’re gonna wanna look back and say you were a part of this.

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