A lot of problems - PM sending, Latest topics, user posts...

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A lot of problems - PM sending, Latest topics, user posts...

Post by Lady_Fanpire on August 30th 2011, 9:39 pm

Hello! I`m admin in Vampire Ladies forum we are 2 years old already but we have some very disturbing problems...

1. Our users can`t send PMs to administrators and moderators...

This is a screenshot of Users&Groups->Groups-> Group Administration. "Members" is select to all the groups but there is still a problem and when any user tries to send PM to me it sends him - This user don`t want to receive messages...or something like that. And in our personal profiles is picked "Yes" to Allow newsletters...so I don`t see were the problem is and why is that happening.

2. In our Latest topics widget there are no usernames - I mean when the topic is rolling it`s not like-
» Template Editing For PHPBB3
Today at 7:03 pm by dion

but it looks like this-
» Template Editing For PHPBB3
Today at 7:03 pm by

No username...It`s pissing me of cause I want to see who write to that topic without open it up..

3. Sometimes you can`t see the posts and topics by a user. You can see that the user have like, lets say 20 post, but when you go to
Find all topics started by ThisUser :
- Topics
- Posts

it gives you random posts on different users but not from the one you want. The moderators can`t see the post too, and when they have to edit someone`s posts they can`t see them and have to go through all the topics in the forum to find something written by that user.

So these are our problems (for now)...I hope someone could help me fix them. Sorry.. my English is bad I know. Embarassed I guess I should give you link to my forum - Vampire Ladies. If you can`t understand some of the problems and my explanations please write me back and I`ll try to explain them better.
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Re: A lot of problems - PM sending, Latest topics, user posts...

Post by kirk on August 31st 2011, 8:03 am

well it has nothing to do with the newsletter, thats different,
you want to make sure your option is for.
(Allow members to send me private messages) is set to yes.

As far as the scone problem i see what you mean but am unsure what it can be at this point.???

Try to disable the portal for a little while and then re-enable it.
You can also try to remove that widget then add it back a little later as well.

Or you can back your forum up to before the problem started bu logging into your forum utilities. but if you do this you will lose some new post.

Other then that i am going to have troubleshoot shoot and see what else the problem can be.

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