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question about editing font style, size, and colour

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question about editing font style, size, and colour Empty question about editing font style, size, and colour

Post by cmconsidine September 1st 2011, 11:59 am

am I allowed to post my forum url here?

hi there,
I did post a question about this topic last night, but I cannot find it anywhere...I am sorry if it is considered spamming to re-post it? I am a newbie and have to admit I find this forum very confusing and hard to navigate...

So my query is:
I have set up my forum using a skin/template/theme (I don't really understand the difference between these either Confused ), which I am happy with, however I really don't like the font style, colour, or size that came with the above.
I have searched everywhere on this forum for help on how to change it, but the only answers I could find involved a knowledge of html/css code. I have virtually no idea when it comes to coding. Is there a simple way to edit the font on my forum? It is so small it makes my eyes water trying to read it, and it looks messy too. It is also impossible to read in some spots where the colours of it make it disappear into it's background, such as the forum description under my banner-the font is tiny and white in this part.... Sad
Can anyone offer advice/suggestions on how to edit the font please?
thanks in advance,
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question about editing font style, size, and colour Empty Re: question about editing font style, size, and colour

Post by patiogardener September 1st 2011, 1:13 pm

To change the font style, colours & size of the font you do not need to know code, etc. Simply go to your Admin Panel>>click the Advanced window on the Home page>>Display>>Pictures & Colors>>Colors.

You will find everything there to change your font, its size, colours, etc, providing you know what fonts you wish to use. If you do not know the HexCC of colours just left click on to the windows on the right of each place you wish to change the colour of & a colour chart will appear. Choose the colour you want.

Do not forget to click Save after making these changes.

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