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Lovefinder Society

Post by ThePrincess on August 29th 2011, 2:49 pm

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Choice of the Title: Lovefinder Society

Forum Address:

Main Language: English

Forum Description:

This forum was inspired from a fiction novel Lovefinder Series (written by Victoria Amor). The site was created for the Lovefinder Series readers who wish to experience Lovefinder Society as a ‘real’ site for the heart. Lovefinder Society is a forum for those who are in love, brokenhearted, and hopeless romantic. In short, a love forum site. But to tell you, this is not all about 'searching for love' or whatever, it is also an area for having new friends that you can trust to share your feelings. So to speak, this may have something to do 'bout 'love', but let's not conceal the other side of this Society (and could be the real reason of its existence), and that is to make friends.

Lovefinder Society Information

The site was created for the Lovefinder Series readers who wish to experience Lovefinder Society as a ‘real’ site for the heart.

Lovefinder Series
—> published in 2010 by Precious Pages Corporation. The first six books are: Morning Smile, Sunset tears, Twilight Song, Midnight Dream, Dawn Kiss, and Eternal Promise.
—> it is about Lovefinder’s quest to find love—for his friends.

Lovefinder—> a fictional character from Lovefinder Series, a mysterious internet personality known for:
1. His name: Lovefinder
2. His mission: Find love.

The Fictitious Place and sites from the books

Tierra De Amor (Esperanza Island) —> Lovefinder’s private island where the characters meet…and eventually fall in love…

Cupid’s Place —> A love chat room where most of Lovefinder Society’s member came from.

Lovefinder Society —> internet forum for the heart created and designed by Lovefinder.

The fictitious forum in the book has inspired us to create this site.

Lovefinder Pages —> A blogsite owned by Aphrodite, Lovefinder’s Mistress.

The publisher, author, and all the people behind Lovefinder Series have nothing to do with any of the forum’s activity, and therefore not liable for trouble/threat or any unwanted outcome brought by member’s actions/activities inside the forum.
This site is NOT a dating site. Our aim is to promote friendship among members.

Most of our members are mysterious, and anonymous.
Members should keep this in mind: You are the SOLE responsible for your actions. Be vigilant.

General Guidelines

Forum Guidelines (Rules and Regulations)

The following guidelines served to be your hero for causing you trouble while staying here in the Lovefinder Society forum. The FAQ is also recommended reading.

To be more specific on the following guidelines, you may asked the guidance of our administrator (ThePrincess) or to our forum moderators.

You are also encouraged to report any rule-breaking activity by either clicking on the report button at the bottom of any forum post or any other area (and the rest will be taken care by the staff) or by PMing any of the staff members listed above.

Failure to abide by these rules will result in various consequences, ranging from PM warnings to temporary to permanent bans depending on severity of misbehaviors.

Section 1: Forum Content

1. Do not spam!
Incoherent post and mindless rabble that leads to nowhere considered as spam. Spam will be removed.
2. Try to be descriptive when creating topics and can represent your content legibly. Create a TOPIC in the appropriate area, or else it will be deleted.
3. Use search engine when creating new topics. Creating duplicate is not great.
4. No to ALL CAPSLOCK and/or iNterChanGinG cApLoCkS. It's never been cool to everybody's eyes. Try to be formal to this one.
Obverse a proper society behavior. Not agreeing on things is normal but it's not advisable to be rude when stating your own point of view.
This is a LOVE area, alright, but it doesn't mean it has to that blatant when it comes to "more than that". Let's try to prim and proper.

Section 2: Signature and Images

6. Your signature must not exceed 300kb in size.
7. Don't come up with too LARGE images in the Forum.

Section 3: Chat Rules

8. Forums are not a chatting area (exclude Blogs Area), so avoid chats in the topics that do not promote chatting.
9. Chatting should include discussing meaningful topics and not just the other way around. And also, please do remind with a proper decorum.
10. NO TO SPAM (also.)

Section 4: Blogs Area

11. Considered as it is.
Though it didn't really sounded like one but please treat it as it is.
12. Follow the Blog Guidelines instruction before creating one.
13. Contributing thoughts about oneself and/or commenting/relating to one another's statement is not prohibited but still do mind your words and be tactful enough.

Section 5: Confusions still?

14. We are glad to hear it out. Other Concerns

Section 6: CV, The Real Member

15. This is a very important section so read this carefully and clearly.
You are to send your VERY OWN Curriculum Vitae or Bio Data to our administrator (ThePrincess). Why? It is for us to know that we don't have a MULTIPLE (or different) USERNAME with only one operating it. This is the Lovefinder Society. And we are obliged to surely know our members (though, if you wanted to be discreet with other stuff like your PHOTO, you can be. Your picture(s) that you sent to the Administration will be between you and ThePrincess.). One of the things needed in your CV is your PHOTOs (that represents your real identity) and other accounts that will prove the info written in the CV (i.e facebook, twitter, tumblr. etc.).

Again, the CV is only between YOU and ThePrincess.

Section 7: UserName

16. You can't switch username as many times as you wanted. You can only request change once and that's if you haven't reached the 'Junior Councilor' rank.
To change your UserName, please PM ThePrincess.

Section 8: Language

17. Strictly ENGLISH.
You can speak 'a little' using your own language, but please refrain from using it into sentence.

Section 9: Disclaimer

"Lilinawin ko lang na lahat ng nasa likod ng Lovefinder books ay walang kinalaman sa lahat ng happenings sa forum, kaya kami po ay labas sa anumang resulta ng mga actions at decisions ng bawat isang member. Members, please, 'wag kayong maghanap ng date don't. Let's make this a site of friendship.And please, choose who to trust."
-Victoria Amor (Lovefinder Mistress')

The actions and decisions of a member are out of the staffs' responsibility.

Section 10: Scanned Identification Card

18. Send a SCANNED copy of your current work/student Identification Card to ThePrincess [through yahoomail:], or any other government ID (SYL 2010-11 or 2011-2012). This is going to be the MAIN REQUIREMENT for a member to be able to become one, other than the CV.

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Re: Lovefinder Society

Post by ThePrincess on December 24th 2011, 6:51 am

Requirements needed before you can be an OFFICIAL MEMBER of the Society.

1. Curriculum Vitae ;
2. Scanned copy of you Identification Card. It should be latest, 2010-2011/2011-2012 ID’s. (school ID’s/working ID/ government ID or it can also be a police clearance or etc.. Don’t use ID or any other without 1x1/2x2 picture attached.);
3. List of your social networking accounts (i.e FB, twitter, tumblr. etc.); and
4. attached another 2 photos of you (aside from the picture you’re going to use in your CV)

The reasons behind the REQUIREMENTS were mentioned at the General Guidelines.

And send it all through yahoomail,

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Re: Lovefinder Society

Post by mioshi11 on January 8th 2012, 3:26 am

from philippines ka no?? hehehe

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Re: Lovefinder Society

Post by ThePrincess on January 18th 2012, 10:17 pm

Yeap Smile

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Re: Lovefinder Society

Post by sagor_evil on May 5th 2013, 12:04 pm

how to find out some girl friend Link Removed ~ Member banned
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