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How to change a Founder/Owner of the forum?

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In progress How to change a Founder/Owner of the forum?

Post by SAEFAdmin September 12th 2011, 12:58 pm

Hi there,

I have another question for the powers that be...

I signed up for my forum, in my name I believe it was -

My now ex is using delightful tactics and basically almost holding my house/horses over my head if he does not get 'ownership' of the forum.

I do not wish to be involved with him at all, and while I realise that because there is no 'income' from the forum, and it is not a 'business', I do not HAVE to bow to his demands - it is easier to just say 'here it is - I dont care' - which is not what I want to do - the forum is a great place, however I do not wish to lose my 'actual' property over an internet forum.

He has indicated that he WILL take me to court/take things further and I will risk losing everything if I do not give in to his demands on this matter.

He wants half ownership of the forum - he has apparently had 'advice' to say that he is entitled to half of it - we have over the last few years paid for the running of the forum and for rings at horse shows for the forum members, however a LOT of the members have donated prizes, cash for the ribbons, cash for the payment for the rings at shows etc.....

I am at the point where I am just want to walk away from the entire thing - I do not have the mental energy to deal with it.

He has also made it clear that if I just delete the forum - he will 'go after me' in court and 'take things further'.....

Any advice would be greatly appreciated - how do I get my name OFF the forum and away from anything to do with it so that I can make a clear break from it all?

As said - its not my first choice - however I have been backed into a corner.


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In progress Re: How to change a Founder/Owner of the forum?

Post by Base September 12th 2011, 5:37 pm

Hi, as your title says, if you want to change the founder account of your forum then please read this link:

There are certain requirements that your forum needs to satisfy in order for this to work. Smile

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