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scaling problem

Post by CHALLENGER22 on September 19th 2011, 9:08 am

At the time of posting new thread or post reply there is a feature to scale input message box [ where we typing message ] & this box is having scale feature which is faulty. Its not scaling whole page but only message box. same problem is whit this forum too.

Scale option is not visible in 1 of the switch editor mode where we cant see bb codes but direct effect is visible. We have only scroll bar for this type message box.

But when editor mode is on normal where we can see bb code this scale feature is on. Please modify this feature & add whole page scale if we scale message box.

I have chatbox on & at top of the forum which is also have scale feature but that's working nicely so check the difference between both scaling for more understanding what i want to say.

Please solve this problem soon..thanks.

Sample error image

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