Optimising security of personal data on forumotion forums

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In progress Optimising security of personal data on forumotion forums

Post by Daryn on September 28th 2011, 12:09 pm

Just like to say thanks to the guys at forumotion for implementing this update although I dont really know what it does Im sure its only there to help and protect us Smile one thing I have noticed is when we get a new member admin copy there email and paste it on google to do a search and its pretty surprising what turns up and a very good way to identify spammers. You can still do this but it was faster to copy and paste lol. Can you please tell me what the update does so I can understand in more detail so I can understand it a bit better.
Many Thanks


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In progress Re: Optimising security of personal data on forumotion forums

Post by kirk on September 28th 2011, 4:18 pm

If you really must copy someones email then past to google search, Just do it from the members list in the ACP.

To better help try to explain the update. It was a little confusing for me to understand the first time i have read it as well.All the godfather is saying is ,that forumotion has updated their security. It's nothing that we/administrators of our forums will notice.It was just announced to help ensure us that forumotion is keeping up with all security updates. Even though we may not see the security features in action,they want us to know all is being kept up on and running smooth on the security end.

Or at least thats what i got out of it Smile

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