Is Forumotion Taking Our Suggestions Seriously ??

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Is Forumotion Taking Our Suggestions Seriously ??

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Is Forumotion Taking Our Suggestions Seriously ??

Post by CHALLENGER22 on September 28th 2011, 3:52 pm

Hello... Sorry but lots of users posting new suggestion daily & really few suggestion are really helpful & must have mods. I saw many old suggestion & many positively voted suggestion like Arcade, about chat box etc but i really did not see any updates in real forum from i register on forumotion so i really have this doubt. Is forumotion really working on this suggestions or not ????

i think arcade mod is free mod. I saw some posted the arcade mod link too in arcade suggestion thread so is that this all is so tough ??? Why not forumotion team make sticky thread here to let us know what exactly is going on & where we going to see some updates ????

I think many going to vote for Don't Know.

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Re: Is Forumotion Taking Our Suggestions Seriously ??

Post by Jophy on September 28th 2011, 4:00 pm


There are indeed lots of old suggestions but lots of them have already been implemented or it is already possible, they're not just moved to the archives that's why you can say that there aren't alot of suggestions being considered, you can check the tutorials section for some arcade system tips.

But also please consider that suggestions aren't gonna be implemented as fast as you want, there are also other support forums which also have suggestions at their hand and the staff would need to review all of them, decode and see if it will work well, not all suggestions are gonna be accepted, and we won't get answer from the pro-admins whether your suggestion is accepted or not, it may come out on the next update so please be patient.

This topic will eventually become a spam/attack topic to Forumotion so I'll lock this now since this is already answered.

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