A couple implementation questions...

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A couple implementation questions...

Post by JT081970 on October 7th 2011, 10:20 am

The forum is used for our alliance in a web based game. I was wondering if anyone knew how I could write some script so that the point value matches that of the points within the game? I just need some way to auto-update the point-value for each member.

My other question:
Is there anyway to get the chatbox to appear on more than just the homepage of the forum? I would like it if it was a static object on the webpage. Also, can you change the amount of time before the member times out from the current chat session?

Any information would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks for your time.

BTW, I am not the founder of the forum, I'm just an admin, is that going to hinder my ability to do this; i.e with permissions only the founder can access??

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