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Free forum bonjovi

Post by Lyras on October 3rd 2011, 6:38 pm

1.Choice of the category: Music

2.Choice of a title: Free forum bonjovi

3.Forum address::

4.Main language: English language

5.Forum description:A forum so that the fans of Bonjovi can share,express themselves with a free way especially to the section "FANS PRIVATE ROOM" where they can talk no tabou and access to the private chat by clicking on chatroom granted to the guests and members.There is also a other kind of chatroom on the home page granted to the members.You'll discover the sections as art work,welcome in order to introduce yourself if you want or post simply a message for someone(birthday.....)a guestbook,e-cards you can also create and send them there,a section tribute bands,open directory where you can add the link of your website only about to bonjovi,a quizz section,a tool of translation for the people who don't speak english,a section website where you can introduce your link of website,blog.On the portal a tool of comment so that you can to add them about to the forum.

If my forum presentation proposals is accepted i would like very much the guests,new members can react to the topics and especially post as new topic because indeed the guests are allowed to post and reply.They are free to choose if they want to register as member and have a glance in order to know if they will like the content of forum.


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Re: Free forum bonjovi

Post by SLGray on April 7th 2017, 11:37 pm

Since the forum that loads is not in English, this topic will be sent to the garbage. Also I believe the forum in the first topic is not the one that loads.

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