Connection Problems/ Site Slowness

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Connection Problems/ Site Slowness

Post by nobby35 on October 12th 2011, 9:58 pm

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Yesterday I added the scrolling announcement bar to my site and all seemed fine. However today I have had several complaints about site loading slowness and at around 3.00pm BST the site failed to load at all apart from the widgets on the sides, the scrolling bar and the menu buttons at the top. None of the main threads could be seen at all by several members and when I tried to log in from my pc at work there was no log in box displayed.

This all seemed to last around 1 hour and then reset itself and all to me seems fine now(I have site slowness myself but have had that always as my internet connection is rubbish lol) and I have had no complaints since.

Could maybe someone with some knowhow take a look at the site and give me some opinions as to if they think it maybe the scrolling announcement bar is causing the problem or if it was just one of those days (a bit like Blackberry currently) where the site had a blip.

Thanks all

Sorry all have just found the 'Cannot See all Of My Forum' Thread in the archives which would appear to explain my problems today and not as thought above


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