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Solved Theft

Post by Redpanda on October 27th 2011, 6:06 pm

Now, I know the proper admin of the site that has been stolen from has already made a request, but as a full fledge member and a staff member of the site it pains me to see such a thing.

Yes, I know how it goes. The stealing and plagiarizing, I admit that I did the same thing many months ago, comes with seeing the best site and wanting to make the best of the best.

Now, as I have grown up and matured, I have realized how shameful and innappropriate it is to do such a thing.

Each day, members of this site put their heart and soul into each of their role-plays and the making of a better site. To see that artwork is being stolen and posted as their own, just upsets me even more. The admin of the site has put effort into creating all of them by hand.

Now, I know that your legal team is in France, but this is a matter of a law being broken and put to shame! The legal team needs to do something or I will. An illegal matter just can't be looked over and push aside until the end of the world. I hate to be mean, but this just gets my cage rattled.

Here are the links needed. Looking into this and clear it up!



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Solved Re: Theft

Post by kirk on October 27th 2011, 7:00 pm

You have to report this to forumotion Litigations.
We do not deal with matters such as this on Forumotion Support Forum.
You may file a report of the forum in question by following the link below.

Thank you.

Since all reports must be made to forumotion Litigation only.
I will now mark and lock the thread.


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