A Feedback System for Buyers and Sellers

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A Feedback System for Buyers and Sellers

Post by IceyInferno on Sun 30 Oct 2011 - 21:09

I want a feedback system that buyers and sellers can use to sell and buy items, Lets say someone was selling something and they posted a thread, there should be a initiate transaction link next to their profile name which the buyer can click on to request a transaction, after the seller has verified this transaction, you can proceed with the trade, now this is when feedback comes in play, after the seller and buyer requested and verified a transaction to take place, they may be able to leave feedback somewhere, maybe like a popup box, this box should include A comment, and a potisive, neutral, and negative feedback bubbles you can click on. This feedback system is similar to the ones on websites such as ebay and they work really great. This will also provide proof that this transaction was agreed by the two participants if an issue comes along and a dispute has to be filed. After the feedback is left there should be a number of feedback and a percent of how many of those feedbacks were positive or neutral, so if the person has a feedback score of 5 and their percentage is under 100% this means that 1 or more of those feedbacks were negative to warn the buyer/seller to trade at their own risk. Also there should be an option to click on the feedback score to view all the feedbacks from each buyer and see what feedback was given for each trade. I hope you like my idea and this will defenitly make people want to trade more just so they can get their feedback up to gain trust within the trading community, thank you.
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Re: A Feedback System for Buyers and Sellers

Post by Jophy on Sun 22 Dec 2013 - 4:02

Suggestion for your forums(section) clean up!

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