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Post by darkdamagex on November 3rd 2011, 4:00 am

Choice Of the Category : Games & RPG

Choice Of a Title: TYGaming

Forum Address: http://tygaming.freeforums.bz/

Main Language: English

Forum Description:

We are a small group of friends reaching out towards other players worldwide!

We are based in Singapore and we play alot of Global and SEA games.

We are all not WCG style players but we do provide tips and make
own guides as much as we can! *we try to add our own flavour*

Currently our forum is based around only afew games!
Dragon Nest and League Of Legends!
Might be adding in some FPS genres, like MW2 soon!

We hope that when our user base increases we can open up
new forum topics for other games Very Happy

OUR DREAM is to start up a youtube channel to make videos:
Game Reviews
Gameplay footage (PC, PS3)
Tutorials and Guides
And lastly Montages Very Happy
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Re: TYGaming

Post by darkdamagex on November 4th 2011, 4:22 am

Update Notes:

- Added Anime & Manga Section

- Added Minecraft Section (Friend's Request)
- Mod Area you can share some of the more interesting Mods that you or our team may find Very Happy
- Showcase area where you can post videos or pictures of your latest creations!
We would love to see them! Smile

- Completed [DTTerrier's Official Guide To Earning Gold In DN]

Up-coming Updates:

- PvP Guide For Hammer and Axe Mercenaries!
- List of mods i use in DN!
- Some DN Tutorial/Gameplay videos!

If you like where our forum is going feel free to register!

Since i am not able to bump up the thread without updates as stated,
it would be alot of help if you could leave some comments
on how our website can improve!

All comments will be taken into consideration!
I hope you have a good day and thank you for reading this update post! Very Happy

DarkDamageX, Admin

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