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Ranks Request

Creation Type : Rank
Dimensions : 215x70
Primary Colors : #FF0000
Secondary Colors : #000000
Images to include :

Text to insert : Gaming-Power Team
Font : N/A
Font Color : N/A
Link to my Forumotion forum :
Username on the forum : Gaming-Power Team
Link to last graphic request : N/A
Detail description : Hello team.If you can help me to fix this orb ranks , i will be very proud.This picture is cool and i want to fix with my opinion.
Owners= #FF0000
Supervisor= #FFFF00
Global MOD= #009999
Anti-Cheat= #0000FF
Community Manager= #00FF00
Senior Admins = #33FFFF
Admins = #FF6600
Head-Admins = #660099
Members= #666666
Banned = #000000
I want this image with this colors and name in this banner
by Keiuta
on March 5th 2016, 9:20 pm
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Topic: Ranks Request
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