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Gateway to Role-Play

Our original theme has returned to us now that the new year has arrived and the holidays are over! ^.^ Feel free to drop by and see our new role-plays and rule updates. Any current role-plays are listed below, so please join us if you find any of them interesting.

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Worlds Role-Play:
Leave the world you know behind and take a journey that will span across countless worlds, beyond time and space, beyond what you may imagine. Forces rise and culminate behind the links to all worlds, but to what end, no one knows. Some of you may seek fame, some of you may seek fortune, or glory, or power, or the mysterious. Whatever you may seek, all roads lead to the Dimension Witch Yuuko who can grant any wish you may have...for a price equal to that which is given. Shall she grant your wish?

Guilds Role-Play:
In a steam age world where magic users are the pinnacle of human protection, Guilds are formed to maintain a balance and control over those that have magic and to provide good work when Quests are provided and completed by the people that need unusual help. Daring to become stronger, mages from all over the world choose their Guild and face the challenges that come to the nation with a great, terrifying force. Can you become the name and face of your Guild?

Journeys and Adventures Role-Play:
Superhumans have emerged! The world of man is forever changed as people of extraordinary ability have begun to come into the light, and the world may never be the same. Prepare yourself for a journey that will take you places you never thought possible. Prepare, for adventure.

Xenomega Galactic Prison Role-Play:
Orbital Planetary Isolation & Correctional Station, Unit {#}45{/#} (OPICS 45)

This space station, which orbits around the planet Earth, is the home of all prisoners that have been deemed criminals and sentenced a time span greater than three months for any crime or string of crimes. It is the year of 5029GE (Galactic Era) and the society of Humankind no longer tolerates the presence of those that cannot accept their laws. Taxpayers from all over the globe help to support this station and all who work there. Parole does not exist. You serve your time and you are released, but should you return to the station, your residence will be permanent. Those that choose to work as guards and enforcers at this prison take training on Earth and other stations before signing over to contracts to OPICS 45 for a period of time, which will not include family visits or the ability to return to Earth during their employment. Virtual correspondence, of course, is acceptable.

Either through a prisoner's eyes or an enforcer's, you can fight your way through the unknown dangers that will soon threaten the lives of all those that have made their living in space.
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on January 2nd 2015, 4:13 am
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