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change the reputation bar

change the reputation bar

Hello folks,
got another tutorial for you.

And yes, I know I suck at tuts but here goes:

The rep bar is a little boring when all you see is a plus and minus and that green bar.
So why not make it a bit better. make it look nice inside.

this tut is confirmed for phpbb3 and IPB
it may work on other versions if the classes that I mention are present

check if your CSS is full!

Go to admin panel -> display -> colors -> css tab*
*if applicable

If you have a load of text it means your css is ok. If you have a small amount of CSS with only a fraction of the text you gotta download your full CSS and paste it in.


the proceedure is simple and difficult at the same time.

First, admin panel -> display -> colors -> css tab

find this in your CSS (use F3 if you are a firefox user, if you prefer IE , find this option yourself Razz )

I do realize something recently happened to the forumotion CSS, it got compressed and everything is in one line. So you have to be very careful when editing the CSS...
especially watch out for the { } brackets, they have to be as they were

.vote .vote-bar {
   width: 40px;
   height: 50px;
   margin: 0 auto;
   font-size: 0;
   margin-left: -30px;

Now that is my votebar, yours will have colors and borders.
Remove any color classes (color: #4536e8Wink
and remove border classes (border: 1px solid #333Wink

and now you need to expand your vote box, so as I did add a height and width class (or edit existing)
   width: 40px;
   height: 50px;

You have to know the size of you image before doing this.
40 x 40 is the max ... don't make images bigger than this !!!!

and in the end, you need to add a margin class to make sure text doesn't go onto your image:
so we add this as I have:
   margin-left: -30px;

click here for super easy image version:

now we can install the images.

we need to find this:
.vote .vote-bar-plus {

that is the positive bar.Topics tagged under 4536e8 on The forum of the forums Love

inside this class you need only 2 scripts:
background-image: url('url of positive image');

in the background image you enter your image url
the second class you leave alone.
if there is anything else... remove it.

super easy image version here:

now we do the same for the negative class:Topics tagged under 4536e8 on The forum of the forums Hate
.vote .vote-bar-minus {

super easy image version here:

End Result:
Topics tagged under 4536e8 on The forum of the forums Rep10

by Jalokim
on 16/7/2009, 00:06
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Topic: change the reputation bar
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