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Create a CSS file

Create a CSS file

If you want to custom at best your board, you'll have to create a CSS file then host it (in your personal Web space) ; the advantage to create a CSS file, is that we are not limited in size (indeed, the CSS file can be also writen in Admin panel >> General Admin >> Configuration >> Site description but the number of characters is limited...)

In Admin panel >> General Admin >> Configuration >> Site description , enter this code in more of your texte :
<link rel=stylesheet href=URL/Fichier.css type=text/css>

About the syntax, it's quite simple ; make a search with :

Here is what can be done [my board] (french board) with my CSS file :

body {
   background-position:top center;
   cursor: url("");

table.forumline {border:2px dashed;}

th{font-variant: small-caps;}
th.thCornerL, th.thTop, th.thCornerR{border:0px;}

td.bodyline{border:3px dotted;}
td.spaceRow{border:0px; background-color: transparent;}
td.catLeft{border:0px;font-variant: small-caps;text-align:center;}

span.cattitle,span.maintitle,span.mainmenu,span.nav{font-variant: small-caps;}

a{cursor: url("");}
a.copyright{color: #00BFF3;}
a.copyright:hover{color: #CC6600;}

Some explain :
body { ... } >> fix the background image,
table.forumline {border:2px dashed;} >> dotted line around the cells,
td.bodyline{border:3px dotted;} >> dots all around the board,
{font-variant: small-caps;} >> display of the small letters to small capital letters,
td.spaceRow{border:0px; background-color: transparent;} >> removal of the bar between the categories, Forums, ...
td.row1,td.row2,td.row3{filter:Alpha(Opacity=80);} >> Opacity of 80% for the cells of the Forum (it is necessary to put colors in the 'Table Row 1, 2 and 3'),
cursor : url("URL"); >> Cursor of your board
a.copyright{color: #00BFF3;} >> to modify the page footer link colour,
a.copyright:hover{color: #CC6600;} >> to modify the page footer link colour when the mouse passes on.

Written by the friendly SanDream

that's all folks

Corrections by Katt

by larme d'ange
on December 20th 2005, 10:01 am
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