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My site suddenly disappeared from google index

just seen this message about google search engine.

I set up a new #social #chat #forum, am registered with google wmt and my forum shows no problems but when I do any keyword searches for my forum in google search there is absolute nothing showing like the same which has happened to you.

when I put my full forum address in to google it comes up with the forum but without any keyword listings my new forum at the moment is like a dead duck.

one thing I noticed in wmt is that they want me to do add words but for a new forum this is a big no no, just can't pay for something like this.

makes me wonder if google are trying to get people to pay now instead of the free listings they are supposed to do.

would be good to hear from other members on here if they are having this same issues,

by mikeydt1
on December 30th 2014, 12:45 pm
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Topic: My site suddenly disappeared from google index
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