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Music on your forums

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Music on your forums

Post by Wiegraf on April 4th 2007, 1:54 am

Music on your forums

Hello everybody, this tutorial is here to help you putting a music player on your forum.

Here is the code :

To put un music player on all of your forum's pages, put the code here :

If you want the music player on the homepage only, put our code here in : Admin Pannel > General Admin > Homepage :

Don't forget to clic on first

And if you want the player on your portal only, create a new bloc and put the code in it.

For this Media Player with a visualisation window of the loading media : it reads all the files, like MP3 files with Firefox, no addtionnal plugin needed

<embed pluginspage="" src="" width="300" height="50" type="application/x-mplayer2" autostart="0" showstatusbar="1" volume="1"></embed>

Explanation (with colors) :


Other player :

<embed width="300" height="39" src="" type="audio/midi" autostart="0" loop="TRUE"></embed>

Here you can clic on &quot;play&quot; to listen to the music (you need the windows media player plugin to display the player. If you don't see it : Dl Win Media Player serie 11 )

Here is the code :

<embed width="300" height="39" src="" type="audio/midi" autostart="false" loop="TRUE"></embed>

Explanation (with colors) :


Other player and code for MP3 files :

<embed width="300" height="39" src="" type="audio/midi" autostart="False" loop="TRUE"></embed>

You can clic on &quot;play&quot; to here the music (if you don't see the player, you will need the quick time player plugin to display the player : Pluggin Apple Quick time player

<embed src=" " width="300" height="40" type="audio/mp3" loop="TRUE" autostart="false"></embed>

Explanation (with colors) :


Now let's look at the code :

Explanation Arrow The red part is your music's url (where it comes from).

Explanation Arrow The green part is the width of the player. You can put 800 pixels if you want (for example), you will have a player with 800 pixel width.
Just put 1 if you want to hide the player.

Explanation Arrow The blue part is for the player's height. 40 pixel is really good, don't change anything here or you may have a black square above your player.
Put 1 to hide the player

Explanation Arrow The violet part is your media player type (MP3/midi/etc...).

Explanation Arrow The orange is the number of times you will hear the music. You can &quot;tell&quot; the player to play the music again and againt by putting True, or to play it only once by putting false.

Explanation Arrow By changing the brown part, you can decide if you want the player to start playing the music atomatically by putting true. Your music will not start playing until you clic the &quot;play&quot; icon if you put false.

As you can see, it works Smile

Ps: of you don't see the player, it means you don't have the right audio codec, you may need to donwload it.

If you want to find an MP3 file or a url, search for it here :


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