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FTP Accounts

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FTP Accounts Empty FTP Accounts

Post by Wiegraf September 10th 2006, 6:51 am

FTP Accounts

Originally written by Batmat86 on the french side's support forum

Definition and use of a FTP :

FTP is for "Files Transfer Protocol"

A FTP is a space on the web wich allows you to put everything you want on it (music, videos, power point, word, excel, ...), if there is enough space on it (of course), and you are the only one to handle the management of what's on it.

Where to find free FTP?

Here are some links to help you, with the storage space offered by the providers :
Open Swarm offering 150 Mo
100 Web Space offering 100 Mo
1 Access Host offering 100 Mo

These are the main hosting services, but there are more of them on the web.
Choose the one you want, and create an account. To validate your inscription, you will receive an e-mail containing all the information you will need to access your FTP, so keep this mail preciously.

How to communicate between your PC and your FTP ?

To do this, you need a FTP client (specific software). I f you don't have a FTP client, you can download a free one that's called Filezilla, the one I'll be using for this tutorial, CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD IT

Connecting to your FTP

Once you have downloaded and installed Filezilla, launch it, and fill the different fields with the information witch were provided to you after you created your FTP account. Here's a screenshot to show you what should be displayed, and where you should fill in the fields.

FTP Accounts 1b10

1 : This button will allow you to disconnect from your FTP
2 : For OpenSwarm, it's :
3 : Your name or login
4 : Your Password
5 : Generally 21, but may be different (but try with 21 first)
6 : Window allowing you to browse your PC
7 : Window allowing you to browse your FTP

Once all these fields are filled, click on Quick Connect

Transferring files :

Now that you are connected to your FTP, all you have to do is to transfer anything you want on it. To do that, browse your computer (left window) for a file, and once you have found it, just double click on the file to send it to your FTP (you will then see it in the right window). You can create folders on your FTP, by right clicking on the right window, and create a folder.
Now if you want to send files from your FTP to your PC, just find the file in your FTP, then double click it to send it to your PC (the file will be sent to the folder that's currently being displayed in the left window).
Once you have finished transferring everything you wanted to transfer, all you have to do is to disconnect from your FTP (button 1 on the picture).


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