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New Updates And Improvements

September 15th 2021, 2:18 pm by Ape

  New Updates And Improvements

Dear Users,

We are proud to announce some other great new updates and Improvements  :party: 

Free Forum: Support Forum of Forumotion Users - Portal N117 Members list sort by point's.

Now you can sort your members list out by the number of points they have, All you need to do is click on the dropdown menu and scroll to points then press your ok button. This was just a little Improvement to the members list.

Free Forum: Support Forum of Forumotion Users - Portal Fm_poi10

[size=24][/size]If you customized the memberlist_body template before this update, please make the following Templates change, choosing your forum version from the list below.




<!-- BEGIN switch_th_group -->
<th …

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Admin Control Panel Dark Mode

September 8th 2021, 10:17 pm by Ape

  NEW Admin Control Panel Dark Mode 

Dear Users,

After a lot of members suggesting this we have now made it happen.

We are now proud to announce the new dark mode in your admin control panel.

To change your ACP to the dark mode it could not be any easier  Wink 

 See The Short Video:
Free Forum: Support Forum of Forumotion Users - Portal Dark_m10

It really is that easy thumright

The team would like to thank you the members for all your great suggestions and we hope you like this new update.

From The Forumotion Team king

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Improvements to our private messaging system

August 27th 2021, 11:07 pm by Ape

  Improvements to our private messaging system  

Dear users,

As you may have already noticed, this week we launched a few improvements to our private messaging system, in order to make it more convenient and clearer to use.

Indeed, a few operational "quirks" made the system a little difficult to follow. We are therefore happy to present these few small but pleasant changes made in your private message box:

1. The PMs are now grouped by subject: we keep the discussion thread between the same interlocutors and with the same subject title.

2. You can now consult the history of the discussion beyond the first 7 messages: pagination has been added to go back as far as necessary in the discussion.

3. In some …

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New: Sort your members by points to see the ranking

August 16th 2021, 5:15 pm by The Godfather

View the ranking of members by points

Dear users,

We recently made some minor improvements to the Forumotion forum points system:

  • The ability to easily reset the point counter of all members of a forum.
  • The "Members with the most points" widget to display the "best" members on the forum.

For an even easier use, you can now see the ranking of all the members on the "Members" page of the forum (available at /memberlist, for example on

This new feature is available since this afternoon and allows you to rank members by points, allowing you to view the entire ranking. Here's how to do it:

Free Forum: Support Forum of Forumotion Users - Portal Pointe10

- Remember to clear …

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