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Summer Photo Contest 2019

July 4th 2019, 8:51 pm by APE

Summer Photo Contest 2019

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Hello everyone,

With summer holidays almost here, we all want to go out on our holidays or just out, enjoy the sun or go away to cooler places, escape and have fun.
This is why Forumotion offers you a special summer contest, dedicated to holidays and entertainment!

Your goal is simple: make a visual mention of Forumotion in a unique place, and send us a photo! It is not a question of making a Photoshop montage, but of taking a picture with #Forumotion written in an unusual place. Everything is allowed !

" #Forumotion " can be written in the sand, in the snow, on a sign or on your skin, it's up to you to make the most beautiful photo that …

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Information: username not clickable for guests in the last messages column

July 3rd 2019, 4:23 pm by Shadow

Username not clickable for guests in the last messages

Dear users,

For information, please note that for reasons mainly SEO to optimize the referencing of your forums, and to reduce the number of links considered unnecessary by search engines, we have disabled links on user names in the column of last messages. This restriction applies only to guests.

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Therefore, before connecting to the forum, a guest sees the usernames and their possible group colors in the column of the last messages but will not be clickable for him.
However, once logged into his account on the forum, all user names in the last posts column will become clickable again and give access to the member's profile …

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Servimg : New look for a better user experience.

June 14th 2019, 2:54 pm by The Godfather

Complete redesig of Servimg image hosting site

Dear users,

I am pleased to announce that the Servimg team has completely redesigned the image hosting site to make it modern and above all to improve user experience Very Happy

The change is essentially visual. It brings a new graphic identity to this service with a sleeker and ergonomic design as well as an adaptation to mobile terminals that it was so lacking.

Free Forum: Support Forum of Forumotion Users - Portal Servim11

Other functional optimizations have also been made to improve the site's performance and loading. However, note that the default images order in your Servimg folders is now by decreasing upload date, so you can easily find the last hosted images. A new button allowing you …

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Removing the possibility to display the Google Map on Forumotion forums

May 14th 2019, 10:30 am by The Godfather


Following the transition of the Google Map to a paid service, and in order to avoid keeping a non-functional option on our forums, we decided to remove the display of the Google Map in the "Who is online?" page of Forumotion forums.

To do this, we will remove from the admin panel > General > Statistics > Forum statistics : all the "Google Map Options" block and its content.

Free Forum: Support Forum of Forumotion Users - Portal 14-05-12

This will prevent your forums from displaying a non-functional Google Map that showed you an error since the switchover of this Google service to a paid version :

Free Forum: Support Forum of Forumotion Users - Portal 14-05-11

This has no impact on the functioning of your forums or …

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