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List of Tricks & Tips

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List of Tricks & Tips Empty List of Tricks & Tips

Post by Luky December 24th 2009, 6:05 pm

List of Tricks & Tips

List of Tips and Tricks
Here, you'll discover how to improve the appearance of your forum,
Customize and add features that distinguish your forum,
Topics to help better understand and manage your forum.

List of Tricks & Tips Double12In this topic you will find a list with tutorials to help you improve the level of customization of your forum, add or use the current options for your forum members, or tutorials that will offer you help on how to better manage your forum.

List of Tricks & Tips Sugg10

List of Tricks & Tips Naviga10Quick Navigation
Links to quickly jump to a tutorial category.
  1. Design of your forum
  2. Administrating your forum
  3. Web Marketing
  4. Customizing your forum
  5. Entertainment
  6. Scripts
  7. Miscellaneous

List of Tricks & Tips Design10Design of your forum
The tutorials below will help you better understand and use the basic principles of your forum's design(colors, backgrounds, fonts, images etc.)

Any version
Using CSS to full potential
Groups style on legend: glitter, icon & glow
Change the background in function of the gender of the poster
Customize usernames according to group
Add a background image to the editor
Colorize the cells when a new message is posted
Modify the brackets on the group legend
Horizontally align your profile field options
Personalize the entire toolbar with CSS
Personalize forum widgets with CSS
Set different icons for each category title
Hide the sentence "Last edited by..." on specific or all messages

How to make the cells transparent
Have a vertical navigation bar

CSS codes for customizing phpBB3 forums

PhpBB3, Invision
Indicate the online status of a user in a profile field for phpbb3 & invision
Change the background color of new posts

PhpBB2, PunBB
Frame the avatar and / or profile of members

PhpBB2, PhpBB3, PunBB
CSS tutorial for your forums

List of Tricks & Tips Admin10Administrating your forum
The tutorials below will help you explain the basic principles of administrating your forum (Moderators, ranks, groups etc.)

Resynchronizing Your Forum
Forum backup
Forum versions
Auto-Subscribe to groups
How to manage your storage space?
How to setup Webmail For Forumotion Hosted Domain Names Only List of Tricks & Tips 2101010 09.29.2020

List of Tricks & Tips Market10Web Marketing
Tutorials to help you better understand SEO, and increase traffic for your forum.

GUIDE to avoid SEO errors
How to add keywords on my forum?
Analyze your forum traffic with Google Analytics
How to improve your SEO?
How to set up Google webmaster tools for your forum?

List of Tricks & Tips Custom10Customizing your forum
Adding certain features to help you distinguish your forum from other forums

Any version
Change The look of your NEW Like / Dislike Button's List of Tricks & Tips New110
Changing specific sub-forum style List of Tricks & Tips New110
Add Sound Notifications List of Tricks & Tips New110
Decorate your forums for Christmas
Decorate your forum for Halloween
Decorate your forums for Valentine's Day
How to change your forum cursor?
Generating Free Forms for your Forum
Multi forums in one
Restricted Forums
Points Shop Ideas
Flags for your forum
Clocks on your board
Change the reputation bar
Add an image to the rank name ( + customizing ranks)
Award system
Customize attachments frame
Create Password Protected Forum
Notice using css and table
Select Content Button
Add a lightbox effect to the images of the forum
Username in multiple colors
Add "Up / Down" buttons
Add a theme picker
Add affiliates to the bottom of your homepage
Personalize the titles of quote, spoiler, and code
Post an automatic message on click of a "thanks" button
Warning button for Administrators and Moderators
Add rules beneath the chatbox
Share this topic (URL, BBCode & HTML)
Warning for locked topics
Button to choose the message background
Three horizontal forums
Randomize your forum banner
How to add post actions to the mobile version
Advanced searching for the mobile version
How to make your navbar sticky
How to disallow username with figures ?
Change The Icons Of Your Tagging Popup
Add a tooltip on your recent post.
Fast Log In on every page
Hide The topic title colors for members
Redesign of Poll Results (Pie or Bar Charts
Awards System With Hover Over
How to customize the editor

Contact form
Turning your forum into a website
Create a loading page before accessing your forum
Cool Color Changer

Drop-Down List
Control panel for users
Show/Hide Widgets Script
Widget: Recent topics of a specific sub-forum
Avatar in the Recent Topics
Advanced calendar widget Allgenda
Latest Topic Scrollbar

Putting the username and the rank under the avatar
Change the selection color
Place a contact button below the profile
Deleting columns "Topics" and "messages"
Display the permalink of messages for phpBB2

Count Stickies and Topics for PhpBB3

How to get phpbb3 version from PunBB?

PhpBB2, PhpBB3
Display post numbers

List of Tricks & Tips Enter10Entertainment
Tutorials to help you improve the general ambiance of your forum through music, games etc.

Any version
Insert Background Music
Pets for your forum
Additional reputation (praise, beer , hi-five) system
Flash Arcade v.1 for Forumotion forums
Profile Awards With Hover Over Names

List of Tricks & Tips Script10Scripts
Tutorials for various scripts that you can use on your Forumotion forum

Any version
Login Show My Password  List of Tricks & Tips New110
How to Wrap text around an image List of Tricks & Tips New110
Script to disable right click
Add a word counter to the editor
Add a form on creation of a new topic
Add a bar for Reputation
Automatically save posts in progress
Display the avatar of a member on the toolbar
Add a preview button for topics
Buttons to add prefixes in topic titles
Block numbers in usernames at registration
Remove messages of a member
Personalize the color palette of the editor
Quick quote
Correct the formatting of the new editor in source code mode
Title of watched topics in notifications
Custom Banned Screen
Add or remove topic title colors
Add Font Awesome button to the editor
Make the mentioning system easier to use List of Tricks & Tips 2101010 04.09.2020
Additional options for hashtags
Next and previous buttons for private messages List of Tricks & Tips 2101010Fri Jul 28, 2017
Add a message to thanked posts
Modify or translate the toolbar texts
Improve the reputation system so it counts votes List of Tricks & Tips 2101010 Jul 04, 2017
Display topic images on the mobile version
Choose what links to display in the toolbar menu
A popup module for previews, searches, and notifications
Add the chatbox to your toolbar
Add more share buttons to your toolbar
Add a quick login form to the toolbar
Add twitter emoji to the editor
Turn your forum banner into a slide show
Colorize the code tags
Immediate redirection
Colorize the backgrounds of stickies and announcements
Topics in New Topic Creation
Allow only Administrators to delete a topic
Add Instagram as contact field to your forum
Set a limit for the number of images in the signature

Picture Appearance On Forum Rollover

PhpBB2, PunBB
Guest Message

PhpBB2, PhpBB3
phpbb : Aggregate double posts

PhpBB3, PunBB, Invision
Navbar Menu
Style topic title "Keywords"

List of Tricks & Tips Misc10Miscellaneous
Other tutorials and additional tips & tricks

Any version
Host a picture
How to optimize a picture?
How to take a screenshot?
List of PHP variables
Tips To Get More Visits On Your Forum
Bots - Who and what they are
How to clean up your forum after a Google Chrome malware alert
Add a Google search Toolbar on your forum Home Page
Create an image slide show
How to install and use Font Awesome List of Tricks & Tips 2101010 03.21.2018
How to clean your desktop, delete virus and malware?
Real time alert system
How to use the templates
Remove A Saved Username & Password From Your Browser
How to make a test account for your forum
Make your forum accessible to people with disabilities List of Tricks & Tips New110

Advertising poster on PunBB

Apple Touch Icon: how does it work?
Add pagination to the mobile version

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