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Add the chatbox to your toolbar

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Tutorial Add the chatbox to your toolbar

Post by Ange Tuteur September 18th 2015, 12:44 pm

Add the chatbox to your toolbar

This tutorial will help you add the chatbox to the toolbar on your Forumotion forum. So you can chat with your members from any page. Smile

Add the chatbox to your toolbar Chat10

It includes some extra features from the default chatbox, such as sound and toolbar notifications so you know when a new message is posted while logged into the chat. As well as a small counter on the button to display the total members in the chatbox.

Note : You must have the chatbox activated as well as the toolbar.

To enable the chatbox : Administration Panel > Modules > Chatbox > Config > Activate the ChatBox : Yes

To enable the toolbar : Administration Panel > Modules > Toolbar > Config > Activate the toolbar : Yes

Add the chatbox to your toolbar 09615110 1. Installing the CSS

Firstly you need to install a bit of CSS. Go to Administration Panel > Display > Colors > CSS stylesheet and paste the following codes :
#fa_chat_container {
  border:1px solid #556682;

#fa_chat {

#fa_chat_button {
  padding:0 5px;

#fa_chat_button.fa_chat_active {

You can change the style how you see fit. Smile

Add the chatbox to your toolbar 09615110 2. Installing the JavaScript

Now to add the chatbox to the toolbar you need to create a new script. Go to Administration Panel > Modules > JavaScript codes management and create a new script with the following settings.

Title : FA Toolbar Chat
Placement : In all the pages
(function() {
  if (!window.FA) window.FA = {};
  if (FA.Chat) {
    if (window.console) console.warn('FA.Chat has already been initialized');

  FA.Chat = {

    // chatbox settings
    config : {
      height : '60%',
      width : '70%',
      live_notif : true,
      sound_notif : {
        enabled : true,
        file : ''
      notifRate : 10000

    // language settings
    lang : {
      chatbox : 'Chatbox',
      new_msg : 'A new message has been posted in the <a href="javascript:FA.Chat.toggle();">chatbox</a>.'

    // technical data below
    node : {}, // node cache
    users : 0, // users in chat
    messages : 'initial', // total chat messages
    actif : false, // tells us if the chatbox is opened
    notifActif : false, // tells us if the notifications are active

    // initial setup of the chatbox
    init : function() {
      var right = document.getElementById('fa_right'),
          container = document.createElement('DIV'),
          button = document.createElement('A'),
          audio; = 'fa_chat_button';
      button.innerHTML = FA.Chat.lang.chatbox + ' <span id="fa_chatters">(0)</span>';
      button.onclick = FA.Chat.toggle;
      FA.Chat.node.button = button; = 'fa_chat_container';
      container.innerHTML = '<iframe id="fa_chat" src="/chatbox/"></iframe>'; = FA.Chat.config.width; = FA.Chat.config.height; = '-' + FA.Chat.config.height; = 'hidden';

      if (right) {
        right.insertBefore(button, right.lastChild); // add the chat button to the right side of the toolbar
        // create the notification audio element
        if (FA.Chat.config.sound_notif.enabled) {
          audio = document.createElement('AUDIO');
          audio.src = FA.Chat.config.sound_notif.file;
          if (audio.canPlayType) {
   = audio;

        FA.Chat.node.container = document.getElementById('fa_chat_container');
        FA.Chat.node.chatters = document.getElementById('fa_chatters');
        FA.Chat.node.frame = document.getElementById('fa_chat');
        FA.Chat.node.frame.onload = FA.Chat.getFrame;
      delete FA.Chat.init;

    // get the frame window, document, and elements
    getFrame : function() {
      if (FA.Chat.poll) window.clearInterval(FA.Chat.poll);
      if (this.contentDocument || this.contentWindow) {
        FA.Chat.window = this.contentWindow;
        FA.Chat.document = this.contentDocument ? this.contentDocument : FA.Chat.window.document;
        FA.Chat.node.message = FA.Chat.document.getElementById('message');
        FA.Chat.node.members = FA.Chat.document.getElementById('chatbox_members');
        FA.Chat.poll = window.setInterval(FA.Chat.listen, 300); // listen for changes every 0.3 seconds
    // listen for changes in the chatbox
    listen : function() {
      var users = FA.Chat.node.members.getElementsByTagName('LI').length,
          messages = FA.Chat.window.chatbox.messages.length;
      // update user count
      if (users > FA.Chat.users || users < FA.Chat.users) {
        FA.Chat.users = users;
        FA.Chat.node.chatters.innerHTML = '(' + FA.Chat.users + ')';
      // initial / active updates
      if ((FA.Chat.messages == 'initial' && messages) || FA.Chat.notifActif || FA.Chat.actif) FA.Chat.messages = messages;
      // notify new messages while connected and the chatbox is closed
      if (!FA.Chat.actif && !FA.Chat.notifActif && FA.Chat.window.chatbox.connected && (messages > FA.Chat.messages || messages < FA.Chat.messages)) {
        FA.Chat.messages = messages; // update message count
        FA.Chat.notifActif = true;
        if (FA.Chat.config.live_notif) FA.Chat.notify(FA.Chat.lang.new_msg); // show live notification
        if (FA.Chat.config.sound_notif.enabled &&; // play sound notification
        // wait before notifying the user again
        window.setTimeout(function() {
          FA.Chat.notifActif = false;
        }, FA.Chat.config.notifRate);
    // create a custom notification
    notify : function(msg) {
      var notif = document.createElement('DIV'),
          live = document.getElementById(Toolbar.LIVE_NOTIF);
      notif.className = 'fa_notification';
      notif.innerHTML = '<div class="content ellipsis">' + msg + '</div>'; = 'none';
      $(notif).mouseover(function() { $(this).stop(true, true) });
      $(notif).mouseleave(function() { $(this).delay(5000).fadeOut() });
      live.insertBefore(notif, live.firstChild);
      $(notif).fadeIn(100, function() { $(this).delay(10000).fadeOut() });
    // toggle the display state of the chatbox
    toggle : function() {
      var container =;
      if (/hidden/i.test(container.visibility)) {
        FA.Chat.node.button.className = 'fa_chat_active';
        FA.Chat.actif = true;
        container.visibility = 'visible';
        container.bottom = '3px';
        // auto focus the message field
        window.setTimeout(function() {
        }, 350); // some browsers ( firefox ) need a delay
      } else {
        FA.Chat.node.button.className = '';
        FA.Chat.actif = false;
        container.visibility = 'hidden';
        container.bottom = '-' + FA.Chat.config.height;


    // initialize the chat when the document is ready and the user is logged in
    if (_userdata.session_logged_in) $(FA.Chat.init);

Save the script to finish the installation. If you want to make any modifications to the chatbox, please see the next section. Smile

Add the chatbox to your toolbar 09615110 3. Modifications

Near the top of the script is an object named config, this contains the general settings which are listed bellow.

height : Sets the height of the chatbox. You can use pixels, percent, em, etc.. The default is 60%.

width : Sets the width of the chatbox. Again, you can use pixels, percent, em, etc.. The default is 70%.

live_notif : Enables / Disables the live notification popup when a new message is posted. Default value is true ( enabled ), set it to false to disable the live notifications. The notifications only display while you're logged into the chatbox and you have the chat hidden.
Add the chatbox to your toolbar Captur54

sound_notif : This contains two settings for the sound notification :

enabled : Specifies if the sound notification is enabled. Default value is true ( enabled ), set it to false to disable the sound notifications.

file : This allows you to change the notification sound. If you want to change the sound, all you need to do is replace the current URL with your own MP3 audio file.

notifRate : This setting determines the rate at which notifications are triggered again. Placing this to a lower value will cause notifications to appear more frequently when new messages are submitted. The default value is 10000ms ( 10 seconds ).

Additionally there is another configuration object for language data named lang. This object is under the config, so if you want to change any of the texts you can do that here. There are only two language settings :

chatbox : The texts for the chatbox button on the toolbar.

new_msg : The live notification texts for when a new message is posted.

Add the chatbox to your toolbar 09615110 Summary

Once the chatbox is installed and you've finished making modifications.. all that's left is to click the chatbox button on the toolbar to begin chatting with your members ! Mr. Green

Ange Tuteur
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Tutorial Re: Add the chatbox to your toolbar

Post by SLGray December 25th 2016, 4:34 am

I have removed this post because it does not exactly work on our version, but only on Ange Tuteur's theme (Edge).

Last edited by SLGray on January 20th 2017, 6:13 am; edited 1 time in total

Add the chatbox to your toolbar Slgray10

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Tutorial Re: Add the chatbox to your toolbar

Post by Ape January 7th 2017, 8:04 pm

Please Note that some members have had a problem with this Chat box if your getting a problem you may want to read the following thread.

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Add the chatbox to your toolbar Ape_b110
Add the chatbox to your toolbar Ape1010

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