additional reputation (praise, beer , hi-five) system

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Tutorial additional reputation (praise, beer , hi-five) system

Post by Jalokim on July 18th 2009, 2:25 pm

additional reputation (praise, beer , hi-five) system

Additional Praise function
this can be a beer / praise / thank / hi-five / expression system

this tut is co-developed by placehold

This system uses your dice rolling feature to add an extra praise feature to your posts. After someone has posted that is.
here are a few examples:

Tools that you need:
A few emoticons (if you plan to use any)
A few catch phrases or prepared praises
A game master ( preferably a new member that will be a bot like thing)
How to get a game master:
First you need to create a new account... give it a robo name or bot or something
admin panel-> modules -> RPG -> fields management :
User "Game Master" : enter the bots name and save

- dice activation

Admin panel-> modules -> RPG -> fields management
Activate the rolls of dices : YES

you can also change the name of your praise function:

for the beer system : "give a beer"
for the high-5 : " high-5, dude"
for a real praise : "Was this thread helpful?"

under it you'll see:
User "Game Master" :
make sure to enter your bots name in there.

and save

-  dice activation 2

Admin panel-> modules -> RPG -> dices roll

Once there activate the dice rolling
enter the name once again
and select NO for bbcode rolling

and save

-  adding die

Now time to add some cool catch phrases or images or both!

hit the green "+" and add a new dice:

As you can see

in the first window : add the catch phrase :
for the beer system : "a beer for the man"
for the high-five system : "high five"

in the dice box add the number 1 (this is not important)
in the last window add an image if you are going to add images.

and save

-  adding die 2

Now you need to add more... so just repeat step 3 as many times as you wish.
remember to add some negative values:

for the beer mod: "you don't deserve a beer"
for the high -5: "low 5"

and so forth.

and save

The round up - how to use

Now that you have a couple dies:

you can test them on your forum

this system doesn't for for new topics and it doesn't work in the quick reply

when replying to a post , you can locate the praise in a small window under your post;

next to it you'll see (on ipb and punBB) a dice +1 thing... ignore that.
just choose a message and it appears as a bot post under your message:

This system also works for blog forums! Razz

and thats about it.

tutorial written by Jalokim
Somewhere around the 18th of July ...
special thanks to co-coder placehold


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