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Tutorial Forum versions

Post by Shadow on December 11th 2015, 11:37 am

Forumotion Forum Versions

Forum Versions

First, you can enter our website and create your free forum in a minutes. There are 6 different versions available on Forumotion. (phpBB2 / phpBB3 / PunBB / Invision / ModernBB / AwesomeBB)

Forumotion forum versions:

Here's some information about these different forum versions :

phpBB2 wrote:Want to have total control and personalization of your forum? phpBB2 is the way to go. PhpBB2 is an excellent forum version. With this version, you can completely customize your forum from A to Z. If you need a forum that is flexible and stable, don't hesitate to give this version a try! Forumotion offers free and hosted phpBB2 forums!


@phpBB3 wrote:phpBB 3 is the new black: a stable, standards-compliant forum version. Users appreciate this version for its numerous features and its simplicity. PhpBB 3 forums are easy and fun to use! Create and set up your phpBB3 forum in seconds.


punBB wrote:Easy for beginners! Fast and graphically light, punBB is often chosen by users who like simplicity and ease-of-use. Make your punBB forum with all features included. Free punBB forum creation and hosting!


Invision wrote:Powerful for forum experts! Invision is one of Forumotion's most performing versions, its power and stability makes of this version a must-have for people that want to use their forum at 100%.


ModernBB wrote wrote:With the ModernBB forum, you can create a simple, nice and intuitive forum. The code has been upgrated to facilitate the customization of the forums. Some updates have been integrated such as: Google Fonts, Font Awesome... It's a more modern, flexible and light version of the forums and message boards!


AwesomeBB wrote wrote:AwesomeBB brings to Forumotion forums a cleaner, modern and responsive design.


How to select your forum version ?

Select your forum version at the creation

While creating your forum, you can select your forum version:

Change your forum at any time

Don't worry! You can change your forum version at any time directly from your administrative panel.

Admin panel >> Display >> Skins >> Choose a theme >> Version

Before saving please note that you can preview:



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Tutorial Re: Forum versions

Post by SLGray on September 18th 2018, 1:49 am

#ModernBB and #AwesomeBB has been added to the tutorial.

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