How to change your forum cursor?

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Tutorial How to change your forum cursor?

Post by Shadow on June 17th 2015, 9:35 am

How to change your forum cursor?

How to set up a cursor?

To set up a forum cursor, you should use your CSS. You have two options to pick from

  • Use cursors by default on your computer

  • Create, host and use your own cursor

The cursors are used through the cursors property in CSS. You can use different ways.

Admin panel>> Display>> Colors>> CSS Stylesheet

- For the forum in general, the code can be added in body, example:
body {
cursor : move ;
- For links "fly over", the code can be added in a function, example:
a {
cursor : help;
- But you can also associate them to some particular elements like images, example:
img {
  cursor: pointer;

The cursors by default

Here a list of cursors you can use:


You just have to copy/past one of those values in your CSS: Admin panel>> Display>> Colors>>CSS Stylesheet. For example:
        a {
        cursor : move;

Personalized cursors

You can have two different types: .cur which are fixed cursors, or .ani which are animated cursors.

Edit Animated cursors are a feature of Internet Explorer and do not appear on other browsers  Edit

You can find many websites offering free cursors. You can also create your own cursor Smile

1. Create your cursor

There are many ways:

  • The software to create cursors: you can find many free software on the web like RealWorld Cursor Editor, ZNsoft icone maker, AWicon Lite, Greenfish Icon Editor Pro, Sib Icon Editor etc. Most of them work like with Paint, so they are very easy to use. They also accept the upload of jpeg, png, gif and bmp pictures.

  • Graphics software: Photofiltre proposes an image exportation in icon. You just have to save your image in .cur! You'll have all your pictures in cursor format. For Photoshop and Gimp, you have to export your image as icon. Then, save your image in .ico

  • Online Generators: HTML Basix allows you to convert your pictures in animated or not cursors, but there are some icons generators like Converthub or iConvert that allow you to convert an image in .ico format. You just have to rename your icon in .cur.

In any case, please find some advises:

  • The image should not be to big, the perfect size in 32x32 minimum
  • The background around your image should be transparent

2- Host your cursor

Once your cursor created, you should host it to call your CSS. You just have to upload your cursor from your computer by accepting .cur or .ani
You can find a list for cursors here:

  • Images

  • All types of files

Images + all types of files:
Images + fiiles in .cur, .ico, .ani, .js, .css ...  :

3- Add your cursor on your forum

First, enter you admin panel>> Display>> Colors>> CSS Stylesheet

You can install your cursor on body:

body {
    cursor: url(link of your hosted cursor), auto;

Edit Auto is very helpful in case your cursor be dead. There will be a cursor by default!

For links and other elements, you just have to change the "body". Once your CSS modification made, don't forget to save.

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